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TD Deutsche Klimakompressor GmbH (TDDK) is a joint venture of Toyota Industries Corporation and Denso Corporation and one of the leading manufacturers of compressors for car air conditionings.

TDDK wants to contribute to society and carry out production without harming the environment. We have three main goals: client satisfaction through high quality products, harmony through the protection of our natural resources and a respect for society, and a high level of productivity by supporting individuality and diversity.

As a multinational company, we know that the key to our success lies in the fusion of German and Japanese culture. This fusion continually releases and brings forth new positive energy.

Three important principles form the basis of our work:

We are open to all viewpoints and question everything— even those details that are usually taken for granted! We accept every challenge! We work as a team!

TDDK’s company goal is as simple as it is challenging—to provide our clients in the automobile industry with the best possible air conditioner compressors in the world. This goal governs all research and development activities, company dealings and decisions, as well as directing our purchasing and supplier policy. By constantly improving our products, we wish to set high quality standards at a technically advanced level that translate into greater riding comfort and unbeatable reliability for our clients.




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